My name is Kim Falck. I was born and raised in Malmoe, Sweden but have been living in the French Pyrenees (Pyrénées Orientales) for many years.
I came to France at the beginning of the ’90s, mostly to play rugby, but I soon came to discover many other exciting places and activities in this stunning part of the world.

Since my arrival in France, I’ve been working in many different areas, from renovating historic buildings to managing a bar, until I decided some years ago to find a job that combines the two main passions in my life: Nature & Sports

Which is how I came to study to become a European Mountain Leader in 2005. The course places a large emphasis on the knowledge of nature such as flora, fauna and geology as well as history. Security is also, of course, a vital part of the training.
In addition, I now also have a national diploma in orienteering and carthography (map drawing).

Today, I propose a wide range of hiking routes throughout the year, and adapt programs to suit everyone, from beginners to experienced hikers.

The main concept behind Projet Pyrénées is to give everyone a chance to experience nature at their own pace. From the complete beginner who is happy with a little ‘stroll’ and wants to enjoy the surroundings through to hikers who get a kick out of a physical challenge.
The key part of Projet Pyrénées is that all participants should have a good time as a group while also enjoying a lot of laughs together.

So, if you would like to discover the diverse attractions of this beautiful area I have a great many different activities to propose.
Everything from easy walks to physically demanding adventures.

À bientôt !